Q: Will my dog/cat wear a cowl?

A: Most animals that will wear a collar will wear a cowl. Unless they have a friend, i.e. another dog or cat in the home, to get it off of them, most pets will keep it on. We always suggest supervising your pet while they are wearing their cowl.

Our cowls do have a small wooden tag on them. If you are worried that they will chew and swallow it, please put in notes to seller to not include one on the cowl.


Q: How do I put a cowl on my dog?

A: Our cowls slip right over the head. Some dogs do not like having things put over their head. We suggest using treats to guide their nose into the cowl and quickly sliding it right over their head. If you aren't sure your dog will like it put on, try sliding their collar over their head first while it is loosely buckled.


Q: How do I measure my pet's neck?

A: View our IGTV on how to measure your pet's neck below (click "view on instagram")


Don't have Instagram? Here is a youtube video explaining how to measure width of a dogs neck:

 To measure the length, using a soft tape measure or a string, measure from the base of the pet's ear to the base of their neck(above where their shoulder starts). 

Q: How do I wash my item?

A: In general, knitwear and wool based items do not require much, or any, washing. If you do feel the need, a gentle spot cleaning with lukewarm water + Woolite is recommended. Most of our products are machine washable, but please refer to each individual listings for recommendations. We suggest washing them on delicate in a laundry bag. Lay flat to dry and please be careful not to stretch, wring, or twist. 

Q: What if my item starts to pill? 

Knitwear may pill as a natural result of friction. Carefully take a small pair of scissors or gently use a razor on your item to remove any unwanted fuzz. 

Q: How does hat sizing work?

A: Sizes are based on what fits each age on average; however sometimes this can vary. Taking a soft measuring tape around the circumference of the head will ensure the best fit!